Equestrian Club | Flinders Christian Community College

The equestrian club is another of the exceptional activities we offer here at Flinders Tyabb campus.

This active and committed club is an excellent opportunity if your child is interested in riding, whatever their experience and skill level. They’ll get to participate in a variety of disciplines including dressage, show jumping, eventing, combined training and show riding.

As part of our commitment to equestrian pursuits we host a successful combined training day each year here at Flinders. This event is supported by many Victorian schools, which enter their equestrian teams into the competition. Our equestrian club members regularly compete both in team events and as individuals, and we are extremely proud of their determined efforts.

If your child chooses to join our equestrian club they will receive training in a variety of disciplines throughout the year with local, national and international level coaches. They will be kept informed of events and competitions via newsletter and email.

For enquiries please contact Tyabb Campus on 03 5973 2000 or email us.