Music | Flinders Christian Community College

We have an excellent music program here at Flinders, through which many of our students discover an abiding love of Music and unlock talents that bring them lifelong joy.

Our Music department offers a creative and exciting classroom music curriculum, as well as an extensive instrumental music and ensemble program, so your child will have every opportunity to develop their skills and explore their musical tastes.

Kinder@Flinders Music

Students attending 3 and 4 year old Kinder@Flinders at our Mt Martha Campus, enjoy a fortnightly music session with a Flinders music specialist. These sessions are carefully and creatively planned to cater for the age and developmental stage of the children. Children’s interest and the classes’ topics are weaved into the lessons to ensure learning in these areas is deepened by the music experience. All lessons draw on Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze approaches to music education to provide children with a rich music learning experience involving; movement, listening, singing, instruments, communication and pre-reading skills.

Children at this level also have the opportunity to learn violin with our strings specialist. Lessons are conducted using the Suzuki approach, which emphasises learning music in the same way we learn language; through observation, listening and imitation within a positive and encouraging environment. Children have individual lessons and regular group lessons to consolidate learning and to enjoy the experience of playing music with others. Children can continue their violin tuition in Primary School at the Tyabb Campus as they progress through their schooling at Flinders.

Primary Music

Our dedicated and talented team of Primary music specialists provide every student from Prep – Grade 6 with a weekly classroom music experience and an additional Choir session for all students from Grade 1- 6. Our teaching draws on the strengths of the Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze approaches to music education, to ensure every child can contribute in a meaningful way to the learning experience and fulfil their potential. Classroom sessions include; listening, movement, singing, instrumental work, creative work and music literacy development. Throughout their time in Primary students will learn; mallet percussion, recorder, ukulele, djembe drumming and drum kit. Our staff regularly attend professional development sessions to maintain fresh and engaging lessons for all students in line with current best practise.

All Primary students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with our highly experienced team of Instrumental teachers. Students can select to learn; piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba, voice, guitar, bass guitar, drumkit and percussion. To assist with access to instrumental lessons, a fully funded weekly compulsory String program is provided for all students in Grade 3, and a subsidised string program is available for students in Grade 4. All students learning a musical instrument are encouraged to participate in our Ensemble program and Grade 5 and 6 students are welcome to audition for the specialist Honours Choir.

Some of the performance opportunities our Primary school musicians enjoy include; Assembly performances, Soirees, Grandparents Day, String Concerts, Markets and the Annual Showcase Concert.

Secondary Music

In the Flinders Secondary Music program we aim to nurture your child's gifts and to give them a platform to shine. Whether students wish to pursue a career pathway in music or to utilise music's well documented benefits in augmenting other studies and improving academic outcomes, they will find opportunities to participate and to have their voices heard.

The Classroom

We welcome and meet each individual wherever they are on their musical journey. Whether your student has studied music in the past or not they will be guided and extended to reach their potential. There are opportunities to specialise in individual instruments and/or learn skills as a group. They will compose, rehearse individually and collaboratively as well as having opportunities to develop their theory, aural and performance skills.

Extra/Co-Curricular - Music Tradition and Innovation

In the Extra/Co-Curricular program, students can complement their classroom music experience with individual (or small group) lessons and participate in a wide variety of groups and ensembles. The Music Faculty is well appointed with many instrumental teaching spaces where students can learn from all of the instrument families including wind, brass, strings, percussion and voice. We also have a robust ensembles program where your student can take the opportunity to collaborate musically while building personal friendships and socialising with like-minded people. At Flinders we encourage and support traditional ensembles while also encouraging contemporary music ensembles and innovation. Students will have the opportunity to learn traditional, modern and contemporary instruments and music practices, from voice and flute through electric guitar to using cutting edge technologies including Launch Pads and Ableton Live. Students also have opportunities to record live music in our recording studio.

VCE Music

The main aim in Flinders Secondary Music is to take music students seriously as the emerging generation and to find a place where their voice or instrument can be heard. This respect and enthusiasm for the voice of youth is grounded in the caring, nurturing and hopeful vision of Christian Values. Music as a subject is highly valued by the College which is evidenced to run VCE music each year.