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Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent.

Here at Flinders Tyabb and Mt Martha Campuses, we offer your child a safe, values-based learning environment, where they will be nurtured and valued as a unique individual. We foster strong relationships between staff, students and parents, bringing hope and purpose to our community through Christian education.

Starting in Kinder at our Mount Martha Campus, through Primary School (Prep to Grade 6) and into Secondary School (Years 7 – 12) at our Tyabb Campus, our team will welcome and connect your family into the Flinders community.

We will provide a contextually relevant learning program for your child at each stage of their educational journey. The curriculum, teaching expertise and physical learning environment will evolve with their needs as they grow and develop.

We invite you to join us on the journey at Flinders Christian Community College. We hope that as a part of our caring school community your child can discover that they have been uniquely made for a life of purpose.

Yours faithfully,

Luke Swain

Head of Campus
Tyabb and Mt Martha Campus
Flinders Christian Community College

When you choose Flinders for your child you are giving them the excellent start in life that they really deserve. As a treasured member of our school they will be challenged, encouraged and inspired, every single day.

They will learn from a broad curriculum that has been specifically developed to meet their needs. They will be guided by powerful values that will help them grow into caring and purposeful adults. Our skilled team of leaders and teachers will partner with you throughout your child’s school years to help them develop all their capabilities, discover their talents and truly fulfil their potential.

The Flinders learning journey begins at Kinder, and continues right through to Year 12. Your child will have the security of a stable community throughout their school career. They will be able to draw strength and support from established friendships as they face the challenges of each new phase of their education.

At Flinders we are very proud of our co-curricular program, which makes school life so much richer and more enjoyable. As a student, your child will have the opportunity to participate in the extensive range of co-curricular activities, helping them to develop strong relationships, keep fit and healthy, and discover and hone skills that will bring them joy all their lives.

The co-curricular programs available at this campus are:

The close relationship between our campuses is a major benefit of choosing Flinders for your child’s education. Although each campus functions autonomously, we share resources and expertise across our sites, so that we can give all our students the best possible care and education throughout their school careers.