Duke of Edinburgh’s Award | Flinders Christian Community College

Here at Flinders we provide many opportunities for your child to develop their personal, physical and social skills, as well as building strong and lasting relationships with their peers. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is one of the most successful and popular of these programs. By joining this program your child will work towards achievements in four categories (physical recreation, community service, recreational activity, and expeditions) that combine to build their skills, confidence and resilience.

  • Physical recreation involves participating in a team sport or individual sporting activity, and encourages your child to improve their skill level over time.
  • Community service involves contributing time as a volunteer for the benefit of the community – something that we strongly encourage in all our students and staff here at Flinders.
  • Recreational activity involves pursuing a new activity or hobby and gaining new skills and talents. It’s a great way for your child to discover lifelong passions while developing their character and personality.
  • Participating in expeditions is a chance for your child to learn new things, have amazing new experiences, test their physical limits and push themselves to new boundaries.

The expeditions are the most prominent feature in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and we offer a range of exciting experiences such as snow camping, mountain bike riding, hiking trips, rock climbing and abseiling.

While out on expeditions young people take it in turns to act as group leader, giving each child the chance to develop their leadership skills.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has three successive levels: bronze, silver and gold. As your child progresses through the levels the challenges will become more difficult – but the program caters well for students at all skill levels, by encouraging each child to progress in their own way. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn teamwork and self-motivation and to work towards their own personal success in all areas of their life.