After Kindergarten your child will start with Prep. During this crucial year your child will settle into their new environment, learn to read and be taught basic mathematical concepts. We will spend a lot of time teaching your child how to communicate and interact through language activities including poetry, drama and writing. They will also begin their learning in science, art, music, physical education, PMP (Perceptual Motor Program), games and social studies. 

As your child moves into Grades 1 – 3, we will help them extend their skills and knowledge in all these areas. During this time we will also focus on teaching them the meaning of our core values, and how to take care of their possessions and environment. At this stage we place particular emphasis on honesty, reliability, and teach all our students to treat each other with kindness and respect. We encourage them to adopt a loving approach, to appreciate God’s creation, and recognise their own and each other’s worth. 

In Grades 4, 5 and 6, we will offer your child useful and challenging experiences to extend their understanding in all areas. These include core curriculum subjects such as English, maths and science, plus a range of topics across the fields of arts, languages, society and the environment, Bible studies, health, and technology. Christian teachings are integrated into the curriculum and supported through our devotional program. 

Throughout Primary we want your child to experience a rich and fulfilling school life, enhanced by a broad variety of co-curricular activities. As well as the option to try a wide range of sports, music and artistic activities, your child will also be able to take part in exciting events such as theatrical performances and school competitions. 

Carrum Downs Primary School Handbook 2022

Moving from Primary to Secondary

All children have different learning needs from each other. Grouping by ability or achievement is a form of instructional management that can be used in conjunction with accelerated progression, differentiated curriculum and coaching interventions to improve the learning outcomes for all students.  This is the essence of the Matthew Flinders and Navigators Program in Years 7 and 8. Should you need more information about Secondary, please connect with our Head of Secondary, Mr Geoff Grace or our Transition coordinator, Mrs Chaneen Vorster at the College.