Flinders is always looking for better ways to communicate with families. Besides our website, email and text messages, we wanted to find a way of bringing everything together in one place on a device you use often – your mobile phone.

To this end, we are using Flexibuzz as one of the communication methods in our College. It offers everything in one place. This includes easy access to the following:

  • Absentee advice
  • Uniforms
  • Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Whole School Newsfeed – for emergencies or exciting events
  • When necessary – two way communication

Everything in one easy location on a device that travels with you!! We can even ensure you receive timely reminders about upcoming information nights targeted at your child’s class, so you don’t always need to read through things that don’t apply to you. We’ve also created specific groups for the families who use our buses.

The Flexibuzz app works on a range of smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktops and isn’t limited to just the iPhone or iPad, making it a great tool for everyone.

You will be able to download the app from www.flexibuzz.com.au or through Apple iTunes or Google Playstore. Once you’re in the app you’ll need to find Flinders Christian Community College and select Whole School and the class that applies to your child.