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Belong Believe Become

The Waymaker Program for students will commence in 2025 at our Carrum Downs Campus. Waymaker is a flexible pathway for young people who have disengaged from school due to social-emotional reasons.

Waymaker is a place where young people can Belong - where they are known, loved and connected in community. It is a space where young people come to Believe - where they build their courage, confidence and begin to tell a new story. And it is a journey they go on to Become - where they are empowered to grow into the fullness of who God has designed them to be.

We know that some young people struggle to engage with school, so we’ve created a highly adaptable and personalised program that provides the extra support for students right at their point of need.

  • Waymaker offers a safe, stable and flexible learning environment. The learning spaces are designed with calmness and flexibility in mind, where support, relationships and emotional regulation can be the focus of every interaction.
  • Class sizes are intentionally small which ensures that every learner is continuously connected, cared for and growing.
  • We prioritise accelerated growth in literacy and numeracy alongside high engagement through working on personal passions and creative projects.

Waymaker will launch in 2025 for students in Grade 6 to Year 8. We will then add additional Year levels:

  • 2025: Grade 6 to Year 8
  • 2026: Grade 6 to Year 9
  • 2027 and beyond: Grade 6 to Year 10

    Waymaker Students

    A typical Waymaker student will have a history of difficulty attending school, usually due to a diagnosed and significant mental health condition related to anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress that is currently being treated by an appropriate health practitioner.

    Waymaker students are deemed incapable of learning in a more traditional school environment due to a diagnosed condition or other documented social and emotional difficulties.

    Information Evening 7 May 2024

    We will be holding an information evening on Tuesday 7 May 2024 from 7.00 - 8.00 pm at our Carrum Downs Campus. Register below to attend the Waymaker Information Evening:

    Enrol for the Waymaker Program

    Online applications are now open:

    Enrolment Application Criteria

    • A documented diagnosis of a relevant mental health disorder (anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)
    • Documented evidence of ongoing, individual intervention by a practitioner or school counsellor
    • A documented history of the frequency, duration and intensity of the mental health disorder in the home, school and community
    • A documented history of the impact of the condition on the student's educational progress, functioning and their emotional wellbeing
    • A list of recommended strategies (provided by their practitioner) for addressing the student's needs at school

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will the Waymaker Program launch?

    Waymaker will launch in 2025. It is a Program intended for students of Secondary School age (Years 7 and 8 initially). In exceptional circumstances and if there are available places, we will consider the enrolment of a Grade 6 student. We will then be adding additional Year levels in 2026 and 2027.

    • 2025: Grade 6 to Year 8
    • 2026: Grade 6 to Year 9
    • 2027 and beyond: Grade 6 to Year 10
    What are the hours of the Waymaker program?

    The program will run from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm from Monday - Friday each week.

    What is the process for Enrolling a Student in the Waymaker Program?

    Please complete our online enrolment application. Applicants are to supply all requested supporting documentation online. Once we’ve received your online enrolment application with all relevant supporting documentation, it will be reviewed. If a position in the Waymaker Program becomes available and College believes this may be a good fit for your child, then an initial meet and greet will be arranged to share more information about our program and the enrolment process.

    Student interviews will commence in Term 2 and continue in Term 3. Students will be offered a place based on an interview together with places being available in the Waymaker Program. Enrolment offers will start going out from the end of Term 2 (and continue in Term 3) for the following year.

    Is there a uniform for Waymaker?

    Waymaker students will wear the Flinders PE uniform, including house PE polo shirts, shorts or trackpants and a softshell jacket.

    Do students need to bring a laptop?

    Every Waymaker student will be required to bring their own laptop as per the College's Secondary BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Guidelines. See here for more details.

    Is there transport available for Waymaker students to attend the program?

    The Carrum Downs Campus of Flinders operates various bus routes which arrive at 8.30am and depart at 3.30pm each day. Please see Bus Transport - Carrum Downs page for more detail

    What happens after a student completes Year 10?

    Students will choose the best pathway that suits their individual journey for Years 11 - 12.

    Is there a required booklist?

    Waymaker students will not be required to purchase textbooks to attend the Waymaker program but instead will be able to access key resources through an educational levy.

    What learning platforms are used in the program?

    Waymaker students will utilise several evidence-based digital learning platforms to enable their learning whether they are at home, at school, or on an expedition. Students will use IXL for personalised literacy and numeracy practice, Essential Assessment to track ongoing progress and growth, and Education Perfect to access the information required for their core passions and creative projects.

    Can current Flinders students transfer into the Waymaker program?

    Existing Flinders students who have a documented history of disengagement and meet the Waymaker Program enrolment criteria may apply, in the same manner as other external applications.

    Can a current Flinders student temporarily transfer into Waymaker if they are struggling with mainstream schooling?

    A Flinders student enrolled in Year 7 or 8 who experiences a mental health condition that meets the Waymaker enrolment criteria, would become eligible for referral to the Waymaker program as a temporary enrolment. Temporary enrolments are designed to help the student recover the capacity to re-engage with mainstream education. Temporary enrolments will be at the joint discretion of the Head of Campus and the Waymaker Coordinator and are subject to the availability of places.

    Can current Waymaker students transfer into another Flinders Campus?

    A core aim of Waymaker is to enable young people to re-engage with mainstream education. As such, we imagine many of our students will transfer into one of our campuses, either at Tyabb or Carrum Downs, when the time is right for them. Each transfer decision will be at the joint discretion of the Head of Campus and the Waymaker Coordinator, and is subject to the availability of places.

    How do I enrol my child?

    Families are invited to submit an online Waymaker Enrolment Application Form

    Waymaker Expression of Interest

    If you would like to know more about the Waymaker Program, you are welcome to submit an Expression of Interest below. Our Enrolments team will then connect with you.

    If you would like more information, please contact our Enrolments team on 9785 0000 or via email, enrolments@flinders.vic.edu.au