Our Executive Principal | Flinders Christian Community College

Choosing a schooling environment for a young person is one of the biggest decisions that a family can make. At Flinders Christian Community College, we strive to partner with families in providing a transformational journey that equips young people for a successful and fulfilling life. As a community, we are dedicated to bringing hope and purpose through a values-based culture centred on the Christian faith and an excellent education program.

As an open enrolment school, we invite families of all backgrounds to enjoy the opportunities our community has to offer and benefit from the support of our expert staff, excellent facilities, engaging curriculum and exceptional pastoral care program.

The important role that genuine community plays in the values-based development of a young person cannot be understated, as it fosters positive growth and fruitful relationships. Flinders Christian Community College strives to educate the whole-person, so that they not only succeed academically, but as people who are empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

We invite you to visit us and experience our College. We would love to partner with you in bringing hope and purpose to your family through Christian education.

Yours faithfully,

Cameron Pearce (BA, Dip.Ed., MEd, MBA, MPT, GAICD, MACEL)
Executive Principal
Flinders Christian Community College

Flinders Values

At Flinders, we value love, faith, integrity, humility, grace, excellence and perseverance. Respect for self and others; life-long learning; a safe and nurturing environment; growth and transformation; a strong partnership with staff, students, families and community. Flinders has established a positive school culture, which seeks to value all by displaying love, grace, integrity, humility and forgiveness.