Our Foundation | Flinders Christian Community College

Our Purpose

We bring hope and purpose to our community through Christian education

Our Vision

To be a Transformative Christian Learning Community

Our Values

Our core values are:


God in His very essence is love. Love is therefore defined by God’s actions. We are called to replicate God’s love in our relationships with each other. Real, authentic love is self-sacrificing, willing to suffer for the object of its love. We are called to love friends and enemies alike. Love is patient, forgiving and kind. It is resilient, optimistic, accepting and hopeful, pleased when the other person succeeds. Love for the other person occurs in an environment of healthy self-love. Of all the virtues, love is pre-eminent.


Humility is being modest, humble, and unpretentious. Just as Christ humbled himself on the cross for our sake, so too we put God’s will and the needs of others before our own. We willingly serve others and accept help when we need it. When we cause hurt, we have the humility to admit it and make amends. We accept the lessons life brings, knowing that mistakes are often our best teachers. Humility is not humiliation. We do not shame ourselves or others with the illusion that we are meant to be perfect. We give our very best, and trust that it is enough. Humility reminds us to be thankful for our successes rather than boastful.


Faith is a relationship of trust. It is believing in the reality of an all-powerful, all knowing, and all wise God who personally and lovingly created the universe. It enables us to confidently move forward in life, not giving way to doubt, fear and hopelessness. Faith enables us to believe in miracles, even in the face of impossible odds. Faith enables us to look at life from an eternal perspective.


Integrity is standing up for what we believe is right. We maintain our calling and live by our faith and trust in Christ and His holy word. We keep our agreements reliably. Our actions match our words. We strive to balance impeccable integrity and unfailing tenderness for others and ourselves. We cherish the challenge of doing the right thing in all circumstances. We give excellence to whatever we undertake. We live by our personal covenant.


Grace is a gift from God, a sense that we are loved and provided for in all circumstances even when it is undeserving. It is opening ourselves to God’s unconditional love, which inspires us to give unconditional love to others. When we are gracious and elegant, others are drawn to our company. With grace, we can turn every communication and relationship into a thing of beauty. We grow in grace when we treat others with dignity, kindness and exquisite courtesy, and whenever we forgive. As we connect deeply with grace, we become the presence of grace to others.


Excellence is giving our very best to any task we do and any relationship we have. Within us are many possibilities. Excellence hones our talents and turns them into gifts for the world. Excellence requires us to practice humility by learning from mistakes. Each time we do something, we seek to improve it, to keep raising the bar. Excellence is effort guided by a desire to serve Christ and bring glory to God. It is ongoing mastery. It flows when we are doing what we love. The perfection of a seed is the fruit that grows from it. Excellence in our lives brings our gifts to fruition.


Perseverance is the will to carry on. Once we discern our true direction, we stay the course for however long it takes and endure each trial. When creativity and revelation inspires us, we do the work required to bring it to fruition. We patiently pursue our goals, remaining steadfast and focused. We persist with a task until it is completed. People can trust us to finish what we start. When our relationships are tested, we have the commitment to work things through. We are determined to succeed.