Agricultural Studies | Flinders Christian Community College

At our Tyabb Campus your child will get to participate in our excellent Agricultural and Horticultural studies program. Our program has expanded to include Primary students too. Our facilities at this Campus include an area incorporating a barn, aquaponics hot house, vineyard, chicken coop, raised garden beds, wicking beds, worm farms, mushroom production container, 7 paddocks, dam and holding pens.

On this farm we keep Corriedale sheep, chickens, worms and occasionally other livestock such as dairy calves. We also maintain produce gardens. Your child will learn about health and safety; incubation; breeding, raising and marketing of livestock and produce; sustainability, innovation, automation, robotics, water conservation and recycling; and general practices in Australian farming.

During Years 7 and 8 your child will be introduced to Agricultural Enterprises that are the basis for the food they eat and clothes they wear. They will develop their awareness of the wider world beyond their local community, and learn about the practicalities of farm life, such as dealing with pest animals/weeds, acceptable ways of managing livestock, and basic processes performed by farmers.

During Year 9 they will take part in a program sponsored by Dairy Australia called ‘Cows Create Careers’. They will be given two young dairy calves to rear for a short period of time, and they will meet a dairy farmer, research the dairy industry, and complete several written projects. They will also study selected farm enterprises and look at them as a ‘system’ (inputs, processing, outputs). Students also investigate pasture and use Apps to help identify plants.

At Year 10, students will focus on Enterprises and Technology being used in Agricultural and Horticultural industries. Investigations into sustainability and climate change as drivers to changing current farming methods are integral to long term food production. Students are encouraged to apply innovative solutions and problem-solving skills to a chosen enterprise. The vineyard is an important focus for our students to investigate and explore.

VCE Agriculture/Horticulture is available to all students interested in perusing the diverse opportunities available as a career pathway. Further studies in this field have been identified as high demand. Further studies in food and fibre production and horticulture include engineering to marketing of new sources of food, application of technology such as iOT to hands on farming.

For many of our Tyabb students the Agricultural Studies program is one of the highlights of their education. It broadens their experiences through fun, enjoyable activities, and gives them an outlet for their physical energy in practical tasks, as well as developing their research and problem-solving skills.

Caring for livestock demands responsibility and commitment, and each year we delight in watching young people rise to this challenge, developing individually as well as improving their cooperation skills as they work together. Opportunities to be part of our outstanding sheep show team, our newly emerging chicken showing team and aquaponics and vineyard production teams further develop our student’s confidence and provides invaluable links to industries and industry professionals.