One of the most exciting and memorable aspects of school is the fun and challenge of going on a camp. Camps are an integral part of the learning program in each year level, adding depth to classroom learning.

Being on camp gives your child the chance to think, inquire and reflect upon their personal development, the world they live in, and where they want to head into the future. They are also wonderful opportunities for your child to strengthen their friendships and explore new places.

On every camp we aim to develop community and to build quality relationships between students and staff. We will encourage your child to take on new challenges and participate in new experiences to develop their confidence and resilience, and give them fresh perspectives on their life and environment.

Carrum Downs camp program

During years 1 – 2 your child will get a taste of the camps to come with our exciting program of ‘stay-lates’. The full camp program here at Carrum Downs campus commences in Year 3 with a Phillip Island camp. Other camps your child will get to experience during Junior School include ‘Zoo snooze’ (Year 4), Sovereign Hill (Year 5), and Canberra (Year 6).

In Year 7 your child will return to Phillip Island for another adventure. Many children join us in Year 7 from a variety of primary schools, so this is a great opportunity for your child to form new friendships and bond with other students as a team as they embark on their secondary schooling together. As their maturity develops in Year 8 your child will have the chance to take part in an active camp experience in The Grampians, and in Year 9 the camp is an exciting walk along Great Ocean road.

The Carrum Downs camp program continues into Senior School with a city camp in Year 10, where your child will get to experience new aspects of city life, a leadership and teamwork camp in Years 11 and 12, and a number of subject-specific VCE camps (if your child is studying biology, outdoor education or physical education). They will also have the opportunity to join an annual ski camp and the Lord and Lady Somers’ camps.