The following are a collection of forms for consent to provide medication and action plans for various medical conditions. Download, print, fill-out and return the appropriate form(s) as directed by the college.

Primary/Secondary Paracetamol and Medication Consent Form 
Allergic Reactions Action Plan
Anaphylaxis Epipen Personal Action Plan 
School Camp and Excursion Asthma Update Form
Asthma Action Plan – Bricanyl
Asthma Action Plan – Puffer Only
Asthma Action Plan – Puffer and Spacer
Diabetes Action Plan – Insulin Pump 
Diabetes Action Plan – Multiple Daily Injections
Diabetes Action Plan – Twice Daily Injections 
Epilepsy Management Plan – Seizures x 1 
Epilepsy Management Plan – Seizures x 2 
Head Lice Letter
Migraine Form
General Medical Advice Form

Fact Sheets