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The Flinders by Design (FbD) Reporting System, together with our online course delivery system Moodle, are key components in the delivery of learning information to our students and parents. Both systems are integrated into our communications app Flinders Connect. Parents and students can also access Moodle from a web browser by visiting our.flinders.vic.edu.au.


Teachers use Moodle to provide students with learning resources, reference materials, quizzes, assignments and discussion forums. Students use Moodle to participate in learning activities, send questions to their teachers outside of school hours, submit assignments electronically, and view their individual timetables. As work is assessed, students can monitor their progress on the Flinders by Design (FbD) Reporting system, which is integrated into Moodle.

Even if away from school for extended periods of time (for example, due to prolonged illness or overseas travel), students can still participate in learning and interact with their teachers and classmates.

Moodle allows parents to view many of the resources provided to their children, and monitor the progress of their children throughout the year. The integrated FbD Reporting system also allows parents to immediately see an overview of their child’s progress in all subjects. Parents can then ‘drill down’ to details of each subject, and even down to individual assignments and tests where they can see the results of those assignments and feedback from teachers.

Report information is near ‘real time’: results are generally available within 30 minutes of a teacher entering the results. This means that parents can track the progress of their children early in the semester, well before a traditional end-of-semester report. Parents and teachers can then identify and address learning difficulties immediately rather than waiting for a final report. Parents also have access to the timetables for each child.

In addition, the FbD Reporting system provides parents and students with notifications that indicate that a task has been assessed, or that a task is due soon or overdue.

Sign In

Parents can sign in to Moodle using their Flinders ID the same 4 or 5 digit number used to log in to Flinders Connect.


The Flinders Knowledge Base contains information to help navigate around Moodle and related school systems - visit knowledge.flinders.vic.edu.au