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Carrum Downs News Monday, 09 Nov 2015

During the Summer months of Terms 1 and 4, the Carrum Downs campus maintains a heightened awareness of extreme weather and bushfire conditions. As part of CFA initiatives, parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to formulate their own family bushfire survival plan. CFA templates are available for this, located on this website.

To assist the college, parents and guardians are asked to:

  • Ensure they provide up to date emergency contacts for their students.
  • Inform the college of any student absence on the morning of the absence, prior to the commencement of the school day, or in advance if possible.
  • In the event of an extreme fire danger day, parents and guardians make an informed decision to keep students at home. The college should be notified of this decision as per the normal absence notification.

Code Red Day

Due to the proximity of the Pines Fauna and Flora reserve, the Carrum Downs campus is listed on the DEECD bushfire at risk register. The Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner can declare a Code Red Day for those schools where conditions in their district are expected to be extremely hazardous. If this occurs, the Carrum Downs campus must be pre-emptively closed and all persons excluded from the school site. Families will be provided with as much notice as possible and closure will be confirmed at least no later than 1:00PM the day before the planned Code Red Day.

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash