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Moodle FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about using ourFlinders (Moodle). If you have any further queries, contact your local campus.


Logging in

How do I log in to ourFlinders (Moodle)?

All instructions for logging into ourFlinders (Moodle) are provided in the article titled Log into Moodle in our Knowledge Base.

My login won’t work. What should I do?

There are several reasons why your ourFlinders (Moodle) login might not work. The article I can’t log into Moodle in our Knowledge Base will guide you through the most common problems related to logging into ourFlinders.

What is my ourFlinders username?

Your username for ourFlinders (Moodle) is the email address you provided to the college. When entering your email address, take particular care to enter it correctly. An amazing number of log-in failures are due to typos when entering a username or password!

If you have changed your email address, your old email address will still work as your username until you tell us about the change.

I’ve logged into ourFlinders for the first time. Now what?

The very first time you log into ourFlinders (Moodle) you can expect to be prompted for a new password. This is because your initial password is intended to be temporary. Enter your current (temporary) password into the Current password space, then enter your new password in the New password and New Password (again) spaces.

By the way, the same thing will happen if you ask the Service Desk to reset your password: our Service Desk team will provide a temporary password, and you will be asked to change it when you next log in after that.

After changing your password, you will see a message like ‘Password has been changed’ and a button labelled ‘Continue’. Click the button. You should now see your ‘Profile’ page. Ignore this and look for the ‘Home’ button in the top left corner of the screen.

You should now have the ourFlinders ‘front’ screen. This is the screen you will see first next time you log in. Click on the campus that your children attend.

Aside from changing your password, the first thing to do is familiarise yourself with ourFlinders. Browse around, click on things, and look at your children’s reports. You might like to read the article titled Finding your way around Moodle in our Knowledge Base.

I know my password, but I’d like to change it. Can I do this?

Yes you can! For help on doing this, read the article titled Change your Moodle password in our Knowledge Base.

I’ve forgotten my ourFlinders password. How do I get a new one?

If you have forgotten your password, it is easy for you to reset it yourself. For instructions on how to do this, visit the Reset your Moodle password article in our Knowledge Base.

What do I do if my email address changes?

If you change your email address, you need to contact your campus and tell us what your new email address is. After we have updated our system, you’ll receive an automated confirmation message, usually the next day.

You’ll also receive a confirmation message at your old email address. This is just a precaution against errors and fraud. For example, if you receive a confirmation at your old address but not the new one, then an error has crept in. Please let us know.

If your receive a change-of-address confirmation but you haven’t changed your email address, please contact the Service Desk immediately.

It is important that you keep us informed of changes to your email address because it is your username for ourFlinders.


Using Moodle

What’s the difference between ourFlinders and Moodle?

Moodle is learning management software. We have used this software to build a website called ‘ourFlinders’. When you log into ourFlinders you are using the Moodle software. That said, don’t worry too much about it! Many people call the ourFlinders site ‘Moodle’, so in one sense, we’re talking about the same thing.

How do I find my child’s report or timetable in ourFlinders?

For information on how to find your child’s report or timetable, read the articles titled View your child’s online report and View your child’s timetable in our Knowledge Base.

How do I find my way around ourFlinders?

For details on how to navigate ourFlinders, read the article Finding your way around Moodle in our Knowledge Base.

What is a Moodle ‘course’?

For an overview of Moodle ‘courses’, read the article titled View a Moodle course in our Knowledge Base.

Moodle doesn’t work on my child’s home computer. What should I do?

Our Knowledge base provides troubleshooting information for ourFlinders. Read the article Moodle doesn’t work on my child’s computer for help!

Can I message teachers using ourFlinders (Moodle)?

Yes! For instructions on how to do this, read the article Send a Moodle message to your child’s teacher in our Knowledge Base.

As a parent, what information can I get from ourFlinders?

ourFlinders can provide you with information about your child’s classes and more importantly, how they are doing in those classes.

Here is a list of just some of the things parents can do in ourFlinders:

  • View the course pages for the classes your child is enrolled in.
  • View the work that has been set for your child, including due dates for tasks (where provided).
  • View the grades your child has received for submitted tasks.
  • View your child’s report, including ‘provisional’ snapshots during the semester.
  • View your child’s current timetable.
  • Message your child’s teachers.
  • View news items not available on the public website (Latest News section).
  • Read notices about events, excursions and campus (Excursions and Other Notices).
  • View information on extracurricular activities at your campus.

Read the About Moodle section of our Knowledge Base for more information.


Other questions

How do I get an ourFlinders (Moodle) account?

For information on how to get your ourFlinders account, read the troubleshooting article titled I don’t have a Moodle account in our Knowledge Base.

I keep getting an error message about ‘cookies’. What does this mean?

Our Knowledge base provides troubleshooting information for ourFlinders. Read the article I keep getting an error message about ‘cookies’ for help!