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Learning at Carrum Downs

A complete learning experience

Here at Flinders Carrum Downs your child will learn from a broad curriculum that has been expertly designed around both the Australian Curriculum and the specific goals of our school. Subjects include English, Maths, Sciences, History, Geography, The Arts, Technologies, Music, Drama, Health, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and Bible Studies.

We use ‘Understanding by Design’ as our learning framework, so your child’s teachers will plan their learning experience around their individual needs and targets at each stage of their educational journey.

Learning at Carrum Downs
Learning at Carrum Downs
Learning at Carrum Downs

As well as giving your child an excellent academic foundation we want to help them discover their passions and develop their social, physical and leadership skills. That’s why we offer a number of student leadership opportunities and an exceptional range of co-curricular activities, including school camps and our celebrated arts and music programs.

Our chapel program is also a central part of the Christian curriculum, supporting us in our goal to nurture your child as a whole person – body, mind and spirit.

The educational journey

The Flinders Carrum Downs campus is divided into four sub-schools:


Junior School

The Junior School at Flinders Carrum Downs is a vibrant learning community where your child can come to be nurtured and inspired as they develop to maturity.

Throughout this stage of their education we will encourage your child to ask questions, investigate their world, and apply all that they learn in their everyday life. To help them develop a deep love of learning, we will immerse them in a fun learning environment that combines observation and play with a strong, well-balanced basic skills program.

As your child progresses through their Primary years we will teach them to consolidate their basic skills in all areas of the curriculum. At Carrum Downs campus they will also learn Auslan in years Prep – 2, and the basics of the Chinese Mandarin language during Years 4 – 6.

We recognise that each child is uniquely and wonderfully created with individual talents, abilities, passions and strengths, and our dedicated and committed team of teachers and assistants work collaboratively to create dynamic, flexible learning environments, rich with stimulating and engaging resources that cater for a wide range of interests and individual learning styles.

Middle School

In Year 7 we begin a journey and a partnership with your child. The journey is your child’s gentle transition from Junior School towards Senior School, and our role is to provide the loving and nurturing environment that is the true foundation for success.

Our Middle School program is designed to build your child’s capacity, to instill a vital element of resilience and set them up for their Senior years with the skills, knowledge and attitudes essential to success. We strongly promote respect for self and others, and we will urge them to strive for excellence in everything they do. During this period we will help them learn how to solve problems, work cooperatively, think critically and develop their skills of enquiry.

Throughout these years we will encourage your child to get involved in community service and to participate as much possible in the sporting, artistic and cultural activities that are such a valuable part of school life here at Flinders.

We hold a number of competitions and student performances throughout the year, both here at Carrum Downs and across our three campuses, which always generate a great deal of excitement and House rivalry!

Senior School

Once your child enters Senior School we will focus on preparing them for VCE success and beyond.

At this stage in their learning your child is on an individual journey, and needs to be able to select subjects that will satisfy their gifts, interests and personal goals for life after school. To make this possible we offer a wide range of VCE and vocational subjects during years 10 – 12, partnering with other schools and TAFE institutes to offer the broadest possible range of options.

We deliver all our courses with an active emphasis on developing learning skills, focusing on how your child can continuously improve the effectiveness of their individual learning style and habits.

Online learning and reporting

Throughout their time here at Flinders your child will have 24 hour access to the Flinders online learning management system. ourFlinders, also known as Moodle, allows teachers to share learning resources and materials, set quizzes and assignments, and provide your child with feedback on their work.

Moodle gives your child all the information they need about their courses and homework, as well as access to their reports, notices and timetables. It also lets them submit their assignments electronically, see their results online, and participate in learning activities even when they are away from school for any reason.

As parents you will also have access to Moodle, so that you can stay in touch with our learning expectations for your child and communicate directly with their teachers. You will also be able to access your child’s reports at any time of the year, rather than waiting for traditional reports to be posted home.