Hope & Purpose through Christian Education

Our Foundation


Core Values

Our Purpose

We bring hope and purpose to our community through Christian Education.

Core Values

Core Values

Love, Faith, Integrity, Humility, Grace, Excellence and Perseverance

Core Values: Love


I show patience to others; I do not envy or boast; I embrace kindness through love; I seek to serve others first; I know love prevents me from being easily angered; I delight in truth because of love.

Core Values: Faith


I seek a relationship with Christ through the gift of faith; I trust that faith in Christ brings meaning to my life; I am prayerful in all times and conditions; I make discerning decisions through faith; prayer and God’s word; I allow faith to guide my course; I am receptive to wonders and miracles.

Core Values: Integrity


I live by my ideals and faith in Christ; I am devoted to the virtues of my faith and community; I ensure my yes means yes, and my no means no; I temper self-righteousness with forgiveness and grace; I strive to so the right thing and see value in sacrificial service;I am faithful to God’s calling on my life.

Core Values: Humility


I value others’ thoughts and feelings; I love my neighbour as myself; I am a work in progress; I admit mistakes and learn from them; I am resilient, not perfect; I am grateful for God’s provision in my life.

Core Values: Grace


I trust God’s grace to carry me through times of trouble; I am open to God’s grace and mercy; I bless and heal others with my tenderness; I am gracious in my attitudes and actions; I am willing to forgive; I think, move and speak with gentleness and courtesy.

Core Values: Excellence


I give my best to all that I do to better the world; I give my best to my relationships; I embrace God’s wisdom and purpose for my life; I honour God by utilising my gifts to the fullest; I strive for mastery; I work with love to bring glory to God.

Core Values: Perseverance


I have a strong sense of purpose; I am patient in affliction and faithful in prayer; I remain committed to what I am called to do; I am determined to finish what I start and not weary in doing good; I am trustworthy in relationships; I know that in my weakness God’s strength is perfected.

Core Values

Our Vision

To be a Transformative Christian Learning Community.

Strategic Pillars

Strategic Pillars

capacity building, Mission and service, Holistic learning, Positive relationships and Innovative Best-Practice.

Strategic Pillars: Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Cultivate empowered leadership; facilitate professional learning teams; promote growth through teamwork and collaboration.

Strategic Pillars: Mission and Service

Mission and Service

Strengthen Christ-centred connections with local and global communities; embed a focus on mission and service into our curriculum and culture.

Strategic Pillars: Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

Enable people to discern and develop their individual skills, gifts and talents; equip people to know Christ, know their purpose and live fulfilling lives.

Strategic Pillars: Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships

Develop and value effective communication; cultivate a culture of restorative practice and personal accountability; strengthen pastoral-care programs and community connections.

Strategic Pillars: Innovative Best-Practice

Innovative Best-Practice

Develop process and systems to research, capture and share knowledge; champion and support strategy aligned innovation from the ground up.