Kinder Enrolment FAQs | Flinders Christian Community College
Here are some frequently asked questions about the Kinder program. 

Entry and Enrolment

Are kindergarten children guaranteed a place in Prep?

Yes, our Kindergarten children have a guaranteed place in Prep, which needs to be secured by payment of the bond.

Is priority given to a Flinders sibling?

This is taken into consideration when offering positions in the Kindergarten.

Are 3-year old kinder children guaranteed a place in 4-year old kinder in the following year?

Yes, with consideration of readiness for the 4-year old Program.

When will the interviews be conducted?

Once your application form and fee have been received we will be in contact to arrange an interview time for your child. The aim of the interview is to explain the kinder program and to ensure that each child is developmentally ready to succeed in a kinder setting.

When will we know if our child has gained a position in Kinder?

Families will be notified of a successful application to our Kindergarten by mid-year.


Transitioning to the new Child Care Subsidy, July 2018

Due to changes to Child Care Subsidies(CCS) effective 2nd July 2018, as a service that primarily provides an early education program (Kindergarten) we are not eligible for CCS rebates. For further information on CCS rebates,

Is there a bond to pay for Kinder?

Yes, there is a bond to be paid of $300 once you’ve accepted your Kinder position. This $300 will then be deducted again from your first term fees.

What additional fees or levies will we be charged?

There are no additional fees or levies; all excursions, incursions and other expenses are covered in the fee amount.

Is there a sibling discount for my kinder child?

The sibling discount does not apply for Kindergarten but will apply during the rest of the school years.

Is the $100 application fee refundable if I do not obtain a position for my child?

This fee covers the process of application into the school; therefore under normal circumstances it is non-refundable.


Will the kindergarten children wear a uniform?

Yes, we are very excited to have our own Kinder@Flinders Polo top. The other items are the same as those worn in the junior school and can therefore be worn in subsequent years. More information will be given to parents after positions are offered.

What is the ratio of teachers to children?

Fitting with National Laws and Regulations, our ratio is 1:11, one trained staff member to 11 children. Therefore each group of 22 children will have 1 Qualified Early Childhood Educator and 1 Qualified Early Childhood Assistant.

On how many days per week does the Kinder operate?

Our three-year old Kinder operates 2 days each week during the school term, and four-year old Kinder operates 3 days per week.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Enrolments Manager at your preferred campus visit the Enrolments page.