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Marine Studies at Carrum Downs

Marine studies is an innovative program that we offer to our Year 9 students at Carrum Downs campus.

During Term 1 your child will be engaged in a multi-disciplinary investigation of marine issues and events. This starts with The Titanic Experience, a focus on the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912. Together we investigate the causes of the disaster and the remarkable tales of survival, which provide a rich source of primary evidence. This project culminates in an exciting role-playing exercise, where we recreate the 1912 British Board of Trade Inquiry into the disaster, with students taking on the roles of real-life survivors.

Following on from The Titanic Experience the program branches out into subject-specific investigations such as marine biology, voyages of discovery and marine literature.

Marine Studies at Carrum Downs

Later in the year your child will participate in a thrilling marine studies activity week. They’ll get to choose an activity from a range of options such as sailing, SCUBA diving, surfing or snorkelling with the dolphins of Port Phillip Bay. They might also try their hand at a three day voyage upon the Enterprise, a replica 19th Century sailing vessel.

On top of all this your child will participate with all their peers in a dinghy sailing program at Albert Park Lake, and an engaging series of challenges based on the motion picture Cast Away.

For many of our students the marine studies program is an absolute highlight of Middle School at Flinders Carrum Downs. It gives them unique opportunities to take part in exciting and fun activities that broaden their horizons and teach them valuable new skills.