We are opening the Joshua Centre in 2022 at our Flinders Tyabb Campus.  It will be a special purpose educational facility that supports students on the Autism spectrum by providing a differentiated learning program and environment that is better suited to the sensory needs and routines of students on the Autism spectrum.

We seek to see students with Autism not just survive, but instead thrive in their learning, social connection and wellbeing in order to live a full and purposeful life.

What would an Education look like at the Joshua Centre?

  • The Joshua Centre will provide a Christ-centred education for students on the Autism spectrum.
  • We will start with Grades 2 - 4 and add additional Grades every year.
  • With class sizes of no more than 10 students, the Joshua Centre will provide students with an individualised and differentiated learning program.
  • A teacher and a full time Educational Support staff member will support not only the learning, but also the students’ development of social, problem solving and functional life skills at an important developmental stage of a child’s life.
  • It will be located on the Tyabb Campus of Flinders Christian Community College, students at the Joshua Centre will have opportunities to integrate in a limited number of mainstream classes if appropriate.
  • The Joshua Centre will provide an opportunity for students to receive additional onsite support through Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and other approved practitioners.
  • The learning spaces, play spaces and uniform will be designed to provide students with a sensory environment that maximises students’ comfort when at school and minimise unnecessary anxiety or stress.

Expression of interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum level of diagnosis required before applying to the Joshua Centre?

The Joshua Centre will cater for students who are formally diagnosed with high functioning ASD. These students may struggle to cope in their current school setting and need a highly structure and modified learning environment in order to thrive. Students will be expected to have a particular level of independence i.e, being able to use the bathroom independently. 

Will a differentiated curriculum be taught?

The Joshua Centre will teach the Victorian Curriculum in line with teaching practice at all Campuses. Adjustments to the curriculum will be determined in consultation with parents based on the students needs and will be documented in the Individual Learning Plan.

Will NDIS supported therapy be allowed onsite during school hours?

A central part of our Philosophy is strong collaboration between the Joshua Centre, families and therapists. To support this, NDIS and privately funded therapy will be accommodated and encouraged at The Joshua Centre during school hours. Facilitating these services not only allows us to support the students, but also the families who otherwise may have to seek therapy outside of school hours.

What suitability criteria are students required to meet to enable them to enrol in the centre?

Enrolment will be determined by a variety of information. This may include but is not limited to: Professional assessments, proof of diagnosis via a professional report(s), visit(s) to the student's current school, interview(s) with the family and the student and consultation with professionals to help ascertain the level of support the student will require.

Will the school hours at the Joshua Centre be the same as the main school?

Students at the Joshua Centre will have slightly different start and finish times compared to our mainstream school. Students at the Joshua Centre will start at 9am and finish at 2:30pm.

What will the fees be for the Joshua Centre?

It will be similar to our regular school fees

If you would like more information, please contact our Enrolments team on 5973 2000 or via email, enrolments@flinders.vic.edu.au