When your child reaches Year 10 they become a valued member of our Senior School. Here they will experience an academically rigorous program supported by strong pastoral care and a full range of extra-curricular opportunities.

Our goal at this stage is to engage, inspire and challenge your child to reach their full potential. All of our camps, excursions, and extra curricular activities at this level are designed to contribute to their personal and academic development. We hope that they will continue to participate fully in school life during their Senior years, through co-curricular activities and the many leadership opportunities available to them.

Senior School Curriculum

During Year 10 we will continue to provide your child with a rich, useful, stimulating and enjoyable educational experience as we help them develop their skills and make choices about their future.

At this level your child will study a core program consisting of English, mathematics, science, religion and society. They will also complete one compulsory semester each of history and physical education, and select a total of four semester-length ‘electives’ over the course of the year.

Our elective program is based on a personalised, student‐centred approach that gives your child control over their own study program. We want them to explore options and discover their purpose in the world, so we will strongly encourage them to expand their horizons and explore a range of subject options.

VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)

During Year 11 (Units 1 and 2), your child will complete twelve VCE Units over the course of the year – six in each semester.

At Year 12 level (Units 3 and 4), they will complete ten VCE Units – five in each semester. Units 3 and 4 studies are designed as a sequence so they will need to complete both units.

If they have an interest in vocational study we will help them pursue this by arranging for them to study their chosen courses at local TAFE institutes.

The Senior Learning Centre provides excellent facilities to support your child in their VCE studies and in their transition to university and work life. They will also receive expert career counselling, to help them understand their options and make informed choices about life after school.

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