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Online Reporting FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Parent Reporting Portal. If you have any difficulty logging into ourFlinders, read the Moodle FAQs or contact our IT Service Desk.


Obtaining the report

How do I download my child’s report from ourFlinders?

There are two ways to download your child’s report, depending on whether you want a ‘provisional’ report as at the current date, or a ‘final’ semester report.

Provisional Reports:
To obtain a provisional report (that is, the current report as at today’s date), browse to your child’s online report, then look for the text that says ‘View or Download Printable Report’. It should be just below your child’s name. Click the Download link to save the report to your computer. Note that if you download this report just after the end of the semester and before the next begins, you will receive the ‘final’ report for that semester.

Final (End-of-Semester) Reports:
To obtain a final end-of-semester report, browse to your child’s online report, then click the Past Reports tab. This will provide a list of all end-of-semester reports available for your child.

Note that if your child is new to the school, this tab won’t appear until the end of your child’s first semester at the college.

To download a report, right-click (CTRL+Click on Mac OSX) on a report title, and select Save Link As… (or whatever equivalent your browser uses to save files).

The process is a little different for the iPad. Tap on a link (a report title or ‘View’) to start viewing the report. After the report has loaded, tap on the report and click on the Open in “iBooks” button, or click the Open in… button and select iBooks. This saves a copy of the report to iBooks.

My child has now left Flinders. Can I still get a report?

Yes and No. Your child will no longer be enrolled in Moodle or the reporting system, so you won’t be able to log into ourFlinders to obtain reports, even if you have other children still at Flinders. However, you can contact your campus and request that copies of Semester reports be emailed to you.

If your child is going to leave Flinders part way through a semester, we recommend that you download a copy of the Provisional Report on your child’s last day.