Hope & Purpose through Christian Education

General FAQs

Here are some general questions that are asked frequently. If you have any other questions that are not answered below, please contact the college.



How do I receive the newsletter?

If you are a parent, you should receive the newsletter for your campus via email – provided, of course, that you have given us your email address. If you have never received a newsletter, contact your campus to confirm we have your correct email address. At present, our newsletter is not published publicly. If you consider yourself a ‘Friend of Flinders’ (past student, staff and members of the Board of Governance), contact the college to request copies of the newsletter.

We also communicate information via the free FlexiBuzz app, available for Apple iOS devices, Android devices, and Windows and Mac computers. Contact your campus to obtain the password for the FlexiBuzz ‘boxes’ you are interested in.

I’m no longer receiving newsletters. What’s gone wrong?

If you haven’t received the emailed newsletter from us, but expected to receive it, this is probably because your email address on our database is incorrect. Perhaps it wasn’t entered into the database correctly, or perhaps you have changed your address and not informed us. No matter, just contact your campus and ask to have your email address checked.

The second most common reason why parents don’t receive newsletters is a ‘full’ mailbox. If you use a web-based email system (GMail, HotMail, Yahoo) and store all your emails online, you might need to do some housekeeping to clear some space. If you use a POP mail system to read your mail (that is, you use a program like Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus and so on), look for a function like ‘Leave mail on server’ and switch it OFF. You might still need to use a webmail program to clean out email stored on the server. Contact your ISP for advice on using a webmail alternative for your email accounts.

If we have your correct email address, and you are sure your email mailbox is not full, have a look in your ‘Junk mail’ or ‘SPAM’ folders. Some email systems are a little overzealous in identifying SPAM, and might treat our newsletter as such. If this has happened, add the address noreply@flinders.vic.edu.au to your ‘Safe senders’, ‘Whitelist’ or ‘Contacts’ list.

How do I Unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

The newsletter is a key means of communication between the college and parents. As a parent, it’s important that you be kept informed about the activities within the school. For this reason, we ensure that every parent who has provided an email address receives the newsletter. However, we realise that some families receive two copies of the newsletter, which can sometimes be a large download. In this case, it’s possible that we can ‘unsubscribe’ you from the mailing list.

To do this, contact our IT Service Desk and request that your email address be removed from the mailing list.