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Enrol Online

You can submit an enrolment application for your children using the form below. You will need to use the form once for each child. Alternatively, you can download the application form and send that by mail. For details regarding the enrolment process, vacancies at different year levels, or the printable enrolment form, read the Enrolment Page for the campus in which you are interested. (See Carrum Downs Enrolments or Tyabb Enrolments.) If you have any questions regarding the application form, please contact the Enrolments Manager at the appropriate campus.

Note that a $100 application fee is required for each enrolment application. You can pay this by phone (using a credit card), in person (cash, EFT, cedit card, cheque) or by mail (cheque). Payments should be made to the business office at the campus to which you are applying. Please ensure that you include your name and your child’s name with the payment. We currently do not have an online payment facility, but plan to make this available in the future.


Before you begin, make sure you have access to electronic copies of your child’s birth certificate, Medicare immunisation history statement, latest semester school report (applicants currently in Prep and up), latest NAPLAN report (applicants currently in Year 3 and up), and where applicable, other supporting documentation in relation to current court orders, visas and professional assessment reports.

Please make sure that each required item is prepared as a single file. For example, if the NAPLAN report consists of two scanned images, combine this into a single document. If you are unsure of how to do this, feel free to contact our IT Service Desk for advice!

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