When your child reaches Year 10 they become a valued member of our Senior School. Here they will experience an academically rigorous program supported by strong pastoral care and a full range of extra-curricular opportunities.

Our goal at this stage is to engage, inspire and challenge your child to reach their full potential. All of our camps, excursions, and extra curricular activities at this level are designed to contribute to their personal and academic development. We hope that they will continue to participate fully in school life during their Senior years, through co-curricular activities and the many leadership opportunities available to them.

Senior School Curriculum

Underpinning the educational program in Years 10 to 12 is the increased opportunity for students to choose their subjects. In the Senior School, students are on individual journeys and need to be able to select subjects that will satisfy their gifts, interests and personal goals for life after school. From these choices, an individualised learning pathway emerges for each and every student.

We provide access to a growing variety of courses leading to tertiary education or the world of work. We offer VCE and VCAL Units in a wide range of subjects and, through partnership with other schools and TAFE institutions; these can be combined with a broad array of different Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

At Year 10 level, capable students have the opportunity to accelerate into VCE subjects, whilst also having a choice of electives (including VET Taster courses). Year 10 Mathematics and Science classes are also streamed in order to provide contextually relevant learning opportunities for students of different interests and ability levels.

Our courses are delivered with an active emphasis on developing learning skills, focusing on how students can continuously improve the effectiveness of their individual learning styles and habits.

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