As your child enters young adolescence their environment will change to meet their unique development stage. It is well established that the rate at which one child learns to master concepts and skills will routinely differ from that of other children. This is the essence of differentiated learning. However, it has also been demonstrated that students thrive when grouped in like-minded clusters. Combining these two elements lies the heart of the Matthew Flinders and Navigators Programs.Students commencing Year 7 will be allocated to either the Matthew Flinders Program or the Navigators Program, based upon Naplan, school reports (including attitude to learning) and the Progressive Achievement Test that all students complete upon the commencement of Year 7. Over the course of the next two years, students in both programs will enjoy a rigorous academic experience. The Matthew Flinders and Navigators Programs conclude at the end of Year 8 enabling all students to select from the full range of options in Year 9.

Vision of the Middle School Program

The role of Middle School is to nurture the love of learning, enabling students to reach their full academic, social and physical potential. We aspire to develop engaged, creative, independent lifelong learners who will be contributing and responsible members of the global community. A core aim of the Matthew Flinders Program is to present highly academic students with deeper, inquiry-based, age-appropriate challenges. An essential aim of the Navigators Program is to consolidate learning and build upon fundamentals in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills that will maximise their options for Year 9 and beyond.

All students have different learning needs from each other. For some, the need may be for deeper questioning or mastery of a concept. For others, it may be repeated and varied explanation or the opportunity to work alongside like-minded peers. Grouping by ability or achievement is a form of instructional management that can be used in conjunction with accelerated progression, differentiation of the curriculum and counselling interventions to improve the learning outcomes for all students. Learning gains are more likely to be maximised for these students when they spend the majority of their learning time in the academic core areas with others of similar abilities.

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