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Traralgon Medical Forms

The following are a collection of forms for consent to provide medication and action plans for various medical conditions. Download, print, fill-out and return the appropriate form(s) as directed by the college.

PDF File Allergic Reaction Plan (0.2Mb)

PDF File Anaphylaxis Plan (0.3Mb)

PDF File Asthma Camp Form (43kb)

PDF File Asthma Care Plan (150kb)

PDF File Diabetes Action Plan – Insulin Pump (365kb)

PDF File Diabetes Action Plan – Multiple Daily Injections (245kb)

PDF File Diabetes Action Plan – Twice Daily Injections (360kb)

PDF File Head Lice Letter (216kb)


Fact Sheets

PDF File Head Lice FAQ (263kb)

External Link School Sores (Impetigo)

External Link Head Injury

External Link Chickenpox (Varicella)

External Link Gastroenteritis (Gastro)