Hope & Purpose through Christian Education

Traralgon’s Middle School

As your child enters young adolescence their environment will change to meet the unique challenges of this development stage. These years can be a turbulent time for some of our students, and our program is designed to help your child develop resilience and independence, and to support teachers in sharing their journey.

Traralgon Middle School students
Traralgon Middle School student
Traralgon Middle School students


Your child’s studies during these years will cover all the core subjects, including mathematics, English, humanities (history/geography), science, Bible studies, music and German. A series of semester length electives gives them the opportunity to explore other interests alongside their core studies. Options include textiles, art, visual communication and design, physical education, drama, information technology, materials and food technology.

House activities will be an important feature of your child’s school life during their time in Middle School, with their efforts and positive behaviour being affirmed by the award of House merit points. They will get to compete in a number of House events, including sports competitions, debating/oratory competitions and an annual drama and music festival.

Our Middle School sports teams also compete regularly in inter-school sports events against other schools. If your child has musical interests they will have the option to take part in our biennial school musical production, or join a range of orchestras, choirs and ensembles.

One of the highlights of your child’s school year is likely to be the annual camp experience, which helps students form close bonds with each other and develop their social, physical and teambuilding skills (all while having heaps of fun!).