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Agricultural Studies at Traralgon

During years 9 and 10 at our Traralgon Campus your child will have the opportunity to participate in our agricultural studies program.

Students will be introduced to the agricultural enterprises that are the basis for the food they eat and clothes they wear. They will develop their awareness of the wider world beyond their local community, and learn about the practicalities of farm life, such as dealing with pest animals, acceptable ways of managing livestock, and basic processes performed by farmers.

They may also take part in a program sponsored by Dairy Australia called ‘Cows Create Careers’. They will be given two young dairy calves to rear for a short period of time, and they will meet a dairy farmer, research the dairy industry, and complete a number of written projects. They will also study selected farm enterprises and look at them as a ‘system’ (inputs, processing, outputs).

The agricultural studies program broadens their experiences through fun, enjoyable activities, and gives them an outlet for their physical energy in practical tasks – as well as developing their research and problem-solving skills. Caring for livestock demands responsibility and commitment, and each year we delight in watching young people rise to this challenge, developing individually as well as improving their cooperation skills as they work together.

Agricultural Studies