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Working Bees at Carrum Downs

Parents at Carrum Downs campus are asked to volunteer eight hours of their time each year to participate in working bees. The eight hours is not expected to be contributed on the one day, but can be spread across multiple working bees. Working bees commence at 8:00am and finish at 12:00pm, with a morning tea break at 10:00am. Volunteers do not have to stay for the whole time, but can choose the hours they work. Students from Year 6 up are welcome to assist their parents.

The dates for working bees at Carrum Downs campus in 2017 are listed below. There’s no need to register in advance, just turn up on the day.

Saturday 18 February
Saturday 18 March
Saturday 29 April
Saturday 27 May
Saturday 24 June
Saturday 12 August
Saturday 16 September
Saturday 21 October
Saturday 18 November


When you arrive at the working bee, please report to, and sign-in at, the Maintenance Shed at the back of the gym. The link below provides a map of the campus and shows the location of the Maintenance Shed and parking facilities.

PDF File Carrum Downs Working Bee Map (149kb)