Each Flinders campus is divided into three sections:

  • Junior School    Prep (Foundation) to Year 6
  • Middle School   Years 7 to 9
  • Senior School   Years 10 to 12

A Broad Curriculum

The curriculum at each campus varies slightly depending on the local needs and context. The curriculum includes English, Maths, Sciences, History, Geography, the Arts, Technologies, Music, Drama, Health, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and Bible Studies. Flinders is known for its excellent Arts program, especially Music. Camps are a very important part of the school curriculum and there is a range of co-curricular activities.

The Chapel and Devotional program are a central part of the Christian curriculum in its goal to develop the whole person, body, mind and spirit. There are many student leadership opportunities including House, Arts, Community and Chapel at each campus.

Flinders invests heavily in teacher learning and  has developed advanced technology to support its education program.

The focus in early Junior School is on the development of a love of learning through observation and play, combined with a strong and well-balanced basic skills program, including phonics. The Primary Years’ focus on consolidating basic skills in all areas of the curriculum and on using understanding to investigate, question and apply learning.

There is a range of different programs offered at each campus in the Middle Years to assist the development of independence and resilience. We expect excellence and engagement at all levels of school life, and strongly promote respect for self and others. Students are encouraged to solve problems, work cooperatively, think critically and develop skills of enquiry. In these years we encourage community service and as much activity as possible in sport, athletics, school productions, ensembles, clubs, debating, aerobics, cooking clubs, chess, and many other cultural activities. A range of House competitions occur at each campus as well and inter-school competitions and performances.

In the Senior Years we focus on VCE preparation and success leading to university or vocational entrance. A wide range of VCE subjects is offered and students with an interest in vocational study have opportunity to attend local TAFE institutes. More information about the range of Flinders VCE courses is available. Each campus has a Senior Learning Centre which provides appropriate facilities to support Year 11 and 12 learning and transition to university and work life. Well supported Career Counselling occurs within these centres.

Handbooks for specific campuses and subschools  are available in our Publications section.

A Planned Curriculum

The curriculum goals are drawn from the Australian Curriculum as well as goals specific to the values of Flinders.

Flinders recently adopted Understanding by Design as its learning framework. This means teachers think carefully about the intended learning for each student and plan backward from that intention. We encouraged deep understanding of ideas and that learners transfer their learning in real life contexts. We support teachers to plan collaboratively and share resources and expertise across the three campuses.

ourFlinders (Moodle): online learning for all students and parents

All students from Prep (Foundation) – Year 12 have access to the ourFlinders, Flinders on-line learning environment, also known as Moodle. Their online course pages contain relevant course information, homework, reports, notices and timetables, and provides for direct communication with their teachers from home, school or when overseas on holidays, including online submission of assignments. Parents have access to Moodle so they can stay in touch with learning expectations and due dates for assignments.

Flinders by Design Reporting System: accessible, continuous electronic reports accessed from home or school

The Flinders by Design Reporting System provides information to assist learners to improve from week to week, and for timely action to be taken if students are not progressing. For this reason the online reporting system is continuously updated as Attainment results become available. Reports are accessed by students and parents from home or school at any time during the Semester. Students are also given a Learning Disposition Rating for each subject (up to 5- 6 times a year) based on Habits of Mind. In this way parents can stay in touch with progress rather than waiting for traditional reports to be posted home.

Application Forms

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