Flinders employs a broad range of information technologies to enhance classroom learning. The college is committed to maintaining and extending the use of digital resources, and seeks to keep pace with developments in the IT world.

Flinder’s online learning management system, ourFlinders, is at the core of classroom teaching. ourFlinders allows teachers to share learning resources and materials with students, set quizzes and assignments, and provide students with feedback on their work. Students use ourFlinders to submit assignments electronically, and are able to see their grades online. Parents can use ourFlinders to quickly access their child’s report any time of the year. Students can access ourFlinders from home or while on an extended absence, such as an overseas family trip or a prolonged illness.

Flinders uses digital textbooks for some classes, and is piloting the use of iPads as a cost-effective alternative to traditional text books. Electronic whiteboards are available in all Primary classrooms and some Secondary classrooms. The college has deployed a substantial fleet of laptop and desktop computers across all year levels.

For Inter-campus classes, we utilise state-of-the-art video conferencing to allow students and teachers to work collaboratively from different locations. This technology also provides scope for unique “virtual excursions”, such as allowing students to interact with a diver on the Great Barrier Reef, or speak to an astronaut at Houston Space Center.

Tyabb campus has launched “Flinders Primary TV” which gives students the opportunity to develop video and audio editing, and to use green-screen technology. Students have been able to create their own Claymation videos. Handheld Learner Response Systems are used in some primary classrooms, providing students with a fun and non-threatening way to participate in quizzes.