We are delighted to announce the implementation of Flinders Reporting Stage 2. This builds on our current Flinders online Reporting System which has been in place for the past 2 years.

The Flinders Reporting System is designed to provide students with continuous and timely feedback on their tasks and their learning dispositions. Flinders Reporting Stage 2 will now provide opportunity for students to enter Attainment targets and rate their own Learning Dispositions directly into their electronic reports. They will also learn to reflect on their learning in order to set improvement goals.  In this way students will take more responsibility for their learning progress.

A Student Coaching System will be introduced in 2013.  Overall students will be encouraged to understand how they learn, reflect on their progress and plan how to take action to improve according to their age and stage of development.

From Years 5 -12 your child will meet with a teacher-coach to discuss their progress and set goals throughout the year.  Prep- Year 4 teachers will work more informally with students on a day to day basis and teach them positive habits of mind. However, at this stage Prep-4 students will not use the Report System to enter targets.

The Reporting Stage 2 student goal setting cycle will include the following steps for student:

  • Reflect on my learning
  • Set Attainment Targets for my subjects in my report
  • Rate my Learning Disposition towards my subjects in my report
  • Set Goals to improve with the help of a teacher-coach
  • Reflect….

In Year 5-12 Parents will be able to see both what the teacher has reported and the student targets and ratings. Modifications to the Reporting System have been made so it is easier for teachers and students to use the report system.

Reporting Stage 2 is an exciting development and  means parents will be able to support their children to set and achieve realistic goals on a day to day basis which will also transfer into positive life skills.

For further details, parents are encouraged to log in to Moodle to view information in the FbD Reporting System section.

Mrs Sue Starling

Principal – Education, Research and Development